Verbena - Tincture 2 oz

2 oz liquid organic herbal extract


Benefit:   Metabolism-anti-inflammatory



  • Verbena, Verbenaceae, cleanse the liver, spleen and kidneys
  • Hermostatic, anti-inflammatory, calming nerves and detoxifying
  • Wound healing and stone dissolving effects.


Made with organci Ingredients:

Local Vodka infused with Verbena


Suggested Use:  Shake well before use. Take 3x25 drops per day


Verbena officinalis is a tried and tested medicinal plant that has a positive effect on numerous diseases. For example, it cleans the liver, spleen and kidneys. As a medicinal plant, real verbena is superior to lemon verbena in terms of its effects. This is confirmed by more and more scientific studies on Verbena officinalis.



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Verbena - Tincture 2 oz