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 Made with different stones, gold ornaments, Lavender herbs, Cornflower, and Calendula blossoms

Stones: Tiger's Eye, Clear quartz, Hematite and Amethyst, Cinnamon, Anise star.


Each candle is handmade by me. Small artificer lot, Plattsmouth NE

The candles are made with Soy /Paraffin wax All the candles are hand-poured and available in different aromas and colors


Ingredients include

-Fragrance oil

-Soy wax 

- lead-free wicks

- herbs from our little farm

-crystals from our shop



Burn within sight.

Keep away from flammables.

Keep away from children and pets.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Cute the wick down to ¼”. Burn for two hours the first time you use this candle to prevent tunneling.

Crystal instructions:

Once Candle is burned down take out crystals using a spoon or non-burn object. Rinse your crystals once they cool down and be very careful not to burn yourself.

You can charge your crystals with moon or sunlight. Full moon energy is what I like to use to charge the crystals. Us in your meditations or just carry the crystals around with you in your pocket or purse to better use its energy.




intention candle. 14oz (400g)

  • Tiger's Eye

    represents the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger worshipped throughout history and across the world. Tiger's Eye is a member of the Quartz family and has been revered for centuries. ... Tiger's Eye is the stone of courage, power, and protection.

    Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral Root Astrological sign: Leo Capricorn

    Clear quartz

    This white crystal is considered a “master healer.” It's said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. It's also said to aid concentration and memory. Energize your mind, body, and spirit while bringing clarity and awakening your intuition.

    Chakra: Crown  Astrological sign: Leo Capricorn, Gemini


    Hematite has the properties of grounding and protection. The most effective grounding stone, hematite, promotes stability and protection. When natural, it's opaque red or gray, and when tumbled, it's gray with a mirror-like shine.

    Chakra: Root  Astrological sign: Aries Aquarius


    Cleansing – protection - - inspiration Enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation. Extremely protective. Calms the mind and spirit. Protects from nightmares and insomnia

    Chakra: Third Eye, Crown   Astrological sign Virgo Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius Pisces

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