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Goldenrod Tea blend 50 g 

Organic loose leaf:  Goldenrod and Lavender

Goldenrod Tea is a preventative against colds and other viralinfections

Directions: 1 TBSP per 1 cup. Pour hot water over & steep for 10-15 minutes


The goldenrod is one of the best medicinal herbs to support the kidneys these days.

It pushes the urine, flushes the urinary tract, and also increases the performance of the kidneys.

The goldenrod is a great help against colds in the winter months, you can drink it as a preventative against colds and other viral infections as tea.

Goldenrod, drunk as tea, has a very beneficial and calming effect on our soul - as if the light of the flowers were shining directly into our soul: It helps us against disappointments, emotional stress, severe emotional shocks and in times of loss and grief.


Goldenrod Herbal Organic Tea 50g

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